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    Christina Lee


    Language skills

    " AVAILABLE FOR YOUNG LEARNERS " Mandarin learning via interesting activities to let students understand easily and practice efficiently.

I majored in English and started teaching English in summer and winter camps for 3 years in the college. Then, I started teaching English in 2018, and teaching Chinese in May 2021. During teaching, I carefully observing and understanding students’ , interests, cultural background, and  requirements, then setting a customized teaching content so students can easily understand how to apply what they’ve learned in daily life with joy. Components of Chinese culture/ Taiwanese Culture/ Indigenous style / Calligraphy will be included properly.

01 TCSOL-Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other languages
02 TCBP- Teaching Chinese for Business Purposes
03 TCYL- Teaching Chinese to Young Learners
Education Level
  • Tamkang University Department of English

Teaching experience
    • 2009-2012 children summer and winter camp English teacher
    • 2018 till now: English tutor
    • 2020.11- now English cram school teacher
    • 2021.5 – now : online Chinese teacher


2022-01-16 - 2022-01-22
* GMT-5:00 America/New_York time


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