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    Regina Wei


    Language skills

    Use real-life examples to present new sentence patterns and then guide the students to work out the language rules. Encourage participation with interesting activities.

I majored in language education in a teachers' college and have experience teaching English to children and adults. I won the second prize for Hanhua online outstanding Chinese teachers in 2021. My teaching method is to present new words/sentences with physical objects, pictures, body language, and facial expressions so that students can catch the meaning well. In my class, students would have lots of chances to practice using the target language. I believe the more students practice, the faster students will master the language. I plan the courses based on students' needs so that students can learn happily and more efficiently.

01 TCSOL-Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other languages

Education Level
  • National Taipei University of Technology, Department of English
  • National Pingtung Teachers College, Department of Language Education
Teaching experience
  • 1.5 +  years teaching experience 


2022-01-16 - 2022-01-22
* GMT-5:00 America/New_York time


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