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    Rita Wang

    Taiwan / Taipei

    Language skills

     To be joyful noise in my Chinese lesson.  Design / set-up clear and easy to understand sentence patterns and grammar.  According student’s personality, interests, cultural and background to guide students to speak.  Play the game to organize vocabulary, grammar and sentence patterns. example : vocabulary tree.


Being brave, enthusiastic, curious, humorous, cheerful are my personality.
I have experience as a host of various events. So I have the charm and ability to guide students to express (speak), I can increase the vitality of the event, and bring the event to its climax.
I like students from different countries and different age groups because they have different cultures, different lifestyles and experiences, which can broaden my horizons also enrich the Chinese courses.
I am cheerful, lively, smart and responsive. The classroom atmosphere is full of laughter, allowing students to express themselves fearlessly.
My Chinese class can be easily and efficiently learned.  1+1 > 3

  1. TCSOL-Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other languages
  2. TCBP- Teaching Chinese for Business Purposes
  3. TCYL- Teaching Chinese to Young Learners
  4. CTCO- Certificate in Teaching Chinese  Online
Education Level
  • JinWen University of Science & Technology

Teaching experience
    • 2 years ( student age from 6 ~ 63 years old ).
    • Studen speak Chinese fluently within 4 months.
    • Studens include Netherlands, USA, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam


2022-07-03 - 2022-07-09
* GMT-5:00 America/New_York time


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