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    Jun Yang

    Taiwan/Taichung or Taipei

    Language skills

    Due to my experience of living in Japan, I really understand what’s different between textbooks and real life. So, I could help you how to speak like a native speaker not just follow textbooks. By learning language, I had both great and terrible experience. English is my nightmare. I was asked to remember many words in one day and had test every day when I was in high school. That let me still don’t like English learning now. But Japanese learning experience is totally different. I have learned for 12 years, and still enjoy it. German learning was for a test, however I could enjoy it now, although I learn it slowly. Therefore, the most important thing I think is finding the best way could keep learning, not the fastest way. So, welcome to my trial lesson, and let’s find your best way to learn Chinese and have fun.

I got Bachelor of architecture. Work as a stage designer or assistant for 6 to 7 years. Now sometimes I still do space design or a little lighting design. 

I like to travel, visit architecture and appreciate art. Especially about traditional performances. Such as Kabuki, Peking opera or Taiwanese opera.
Immersive theater is another kind of performance I like very much.  Welcome to introduce your favorite performance, movie or interests to me. 

We also can talk about travel and architecture design. I visit some special or traditional architecture when I travel around. I enjoy watching all the details and imagining how people lived inside. That made me feel I can connect the past and the culture.

Do you like architecture, design, art or travel? Let’s try to talk about it in Chinese.

  1. TCSOL-Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other languages
  2. TQUK  Diploma in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (Level 3)
Education Level
  • Tamkang University Bachelor of architecture, minor Japanese.

Teaching experience
  • About 1 year


2022-01-16 - 2022-01-22
* GMT-5:00 America/New_York time


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