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Teachers - Internationally Certified

Chinese Tutor Land provides the best Mandarin tutoring services. All Mandarin tutors recommend by IHI (International Han Institute) are certified by 「IATCSOL」 and 「TQUK」.for their professional Mandarin teaching expertise.

  • IATCSOL (International Association for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages): Division of Incorporation to conduct teachers training with the file number 4141549 in Delaware, USA
  • TQUK (Training Qualifications UK): Awarding Organization Recognized & Regulated by Ofqual (RN 5355)

Course Materials - Fully Aligned with CEFR LEVEL

Chinese Tutor Land has compiled and adopted a suite of interactive electronic Mandarin teaching materials from practical Mandarin learning materials used and curated by the IHI. Chinese Tutor Land's electronic Mandarin teaching materials are fully aligned with classification systems of CEFR LEVEL and will enable learners' fast and effective learning by means of practicing Mandarin per prescribed course schedule.

Fully Immersive Mandarin Linguistic Environment & Flexible Class Schedule

By using a suite of fully immersive electronic Mandarin teaching materials, Chinese Tutor Land helps you create a Mandarin-speaking environment even at the ease of your home, enable you to speak and practice Mandarin with comfort and confidence. Scenario-based simulation and practice will facilitate learners to consistently practice their Mandarin and in turn significantly improve their proficiency.

Successful Stories Compiled by IHI Headquarters

IHI (International Han Institute), teaching headquarters of Chinese Tutor Land, has in the past helped and facilitated learners from enterprises, schools, families, and community learning centers practice and master their Mandarin. With our professional expertise and passion in Mandarin teaching, we promise you a pleasant and successful Mandarin learning journey and ensure that you can achieve your targeted Mandarin proficiency level.

Honors and Recognition

Pearson EDI U.K. (Education Development International) TCFL 2006-2016 Approved Centre

Training Qualifications UK Approved Centre 2017-2021

Training Qualifications UK Excellence Award 2018

2004-2021 International Association for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages Approved Centre and recognized as the best Mandarin teaching institution in Asia

Global distributor

North America
  • Canada

    • Zheng-kun, Chen(Carrie)
    • Hi, My Name is Carrie Chen. I live in Vancouver, Canada. I had lived in Taiwan for decades until year 2009 I immigrated to Canada. As a veteran working in High Tech Industry for decades in both Asia and North America, I have seen tremendous people across the globe seeking a common way to collaborate and deliver something good to benefit the world but were blocked by language barriers. I’ve been always volunteering to bridge the gap by teaching or performing translation between Chinese and English to better facilitate the communication. I am passionate to promote the beautiful Chinese traditional culture and moral education via teaching Chinese to enlighten people with happier and abundant life.
    • Vancouver
  • Canada

    • Pei-jia, Huang(Christine) Pei-Chia
    • Hi! I am Christine from Toronto Canada . I would like to helo to Improve Your Chinese .Let's learn Chinese together! Do you need a Chinese friend to be your teacher? Our Mandarin courses can help you develop reading, writing speaking and listening skills, allowing you to break the ice and join the conversation.
    • Toronto
  • USA

    • Chun-yong, Li (Isaac)
    • Hi! My name is Isaac Lee. I am from Taiwan and a faculty teaching at universities in Chicago, US. I was awarded Certificate of Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL) right after I completed the online courses at International Han Institute five years ago. Less than a couple of months, I was hired to teacher Mandarin Chinese at three K-12 schools in the mid-eastern area in the US. Now, I am teaching Chinse language and culture courses as a full-time and adjunct faculty. I believe, without the certificate, I would not be able to teach students with a working visa and make my dream come true. I really appreciate the time and support from the outstanding and top-notch instructors at International Han Institute then. So, I can be a qualified and content-savvy Mandarin Chinese teacher. Today, I am honor to be a global distributor of International Han Institute in the central US to share and recommend the professional and compelling Mandarin Chinese Institute in the planet to all of you. I hope one day we can work together to help and inspire more learners who are willing to be a top Chinse teacher and achieve their goals. Cheers!
    • Chicago
  • USA

    • Yu-juan, Lin(Daisy)
    • Hi, my name is Daisy. I grew up in Taiwan and moved to Los Angeles, CA, where I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in Animation from UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television. I started my career in the entertainment and tourism industry as a production artist and a project manager. In addition to my extended background in media production, I am also a Mandarin and English tutor for more than two decades. I love language learning and am very devoted to Mandarin language education. I really enjoy working on multi-cultural projects on global scale with different people from all walks of life. Outside of work, I like to spend time with family and friends, travel, play ukulele, and watch movies. I love learning, exploring new things in life, and am thrilled for this opportunity to serve the community for Mandarin language learners.
    • Los Angeles
  • USA

    • Shu-chuan, Hsu
    • Howdy! Hola, Nihao! I’m Candace Shu-Chuan Hsu. I gladly take this opportunity to share about myself. I love traveling, engaging with people, and exploring different languages and cultures. The greeting of howdy is widely used in Texas, United States where I had opportunities not only to immerse my learning in higher education, but also to embark in language teaching and learning adventures with a diversity of students from most continents in the world. Hola, a greeting I hear my husband and most Latin American students say with a smile. I am fortunate to have led countless cultural excursions, trips, host family interactions for Latin American as well as Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Brazilian, Russian, Spanish and many others for the purpose of cultural and language growth. I greet you “Nihao” as I love sharing my first language, Mandarin Chinese and culture with my students, colleagues, and friends. I am so excited to meet you here and help you begin your journey of Mandarin Chinese learning. With my assistance, you are going to have fabulous Chinese lessons full of fun and learning here at Chinese Tutor Land!
    • Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
South America
  • UK

    • Shang-wei, Lin
    • Hiya! I am Shang-Wei. Currently, I base in London. I am here to assist and guide learners on the best online Chinese learning platform from Taiwan, Chinese Tutor Land. I always have a passion for languages learning and teaching practice. I have more than 5 years of teaching experience and I specialise in the beginner’s level. Therefore, I understand what sort of difficulties and challenges learners may have when they are at the starting point. I also hold a MA in Chinese Langauge Learning and Teaching from SOAS, University of London, and I have expertise and knowledge of Chinese learning to give you the best support. Please feel free to drop a message or send an email to me for further details.
    • London
  • UK

    • Zi-fang, Tang
    • I'm Nonie, originally from Taiwan. I have lived and studied in several countries and speak several languages. I speak fluent Mandarin, Taiwanese, English and Japanese. I also speak conversational German, Spanish and French. I haven't stopped learning languages because it's such a fun thing to do and it brings people closer. I have been teaching Mandarin and cultural activities in local schools and providing private tuitions in UK , and also offering online for years. Now I base in Swansea, Wales. I believe learning should be fun so I would like to help people around the world who are interested in learning Chinese to find a matching teacher and have the best learning result.
    • Swansea, Wales
  • Netherlands

    • Qin, Hu(Ava)
    • Hi I am Ava. An effective facilitator who is passionate about Mandarin Education. My role is bringing high quality Mandarin lessons into the Netherlands. I am dedicated on teaching foreign people Mandarin and to experience the cross-culture.
    • Amsterdam
  • Switzerland

    • Xin-yi, Lin(Cecilia)
    • Hallo zusammen, I’m Cecilia! I am original from Taipei and now based in Zurich. My hobbies are cycling, dancing, and discovering gourmet cuisine! As a travel “Addict”, I enjoy “Shocking” from different cultures and love to make friends from all over the world. I am passionate about sharing my culture, my language, and my experience in all areas, that’s the reason why I am also a certificated amateur Chinese teacher. Welcome to our Chinese Tutor Land and I aleady “landed” here to meet you. Are you ready to explore this “Land” with me! Los geht's!
    • Zurich
  • Sweden

    • yu-shu, Yan
    • Hej allihopa! Hi everyone! My name is Yushu. I have moved across 4 countries in Asia, North America and Europe, and now ended up living in Sweden with my family. I love to explore different cities and take on new challenges. To me, the happiest thing in the world is to know that I am able to keep growing! Traveling, city roaming, skiing, hiking, cooking, fika (like coffee break), reading, watching movies, and spending quality time with my little ones are some of my favorite things. I am so excited to be the ambassador in Sweden and I cannot wait to show you how fun and how practical learning Chinese can be!
    • Stockholm
  • Germany

    • Yen-Lun, Su
    • Hello, my name is Yen-Lun. I'm from Taiwan. I'm living in Germany for 4 years. I can speak Chinese, English, and German. If you want to know more about Chinese language and culture or you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on my Facebook page. See you soon.
    • Halle
  • Spain

    • Ying-xiu, Lin
    • Hi everyone! My name is Kate and I am currently located in Barcelona, Spain. Chinese occupies a significant position in my life. I hold my BA in Chinese literature and I’ve earned both TQUK diploma in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and TCSOL (Teachers of Chinese to Speakers for Other Language) in May 2021 after completing an intensive Chinese Teaching Training Program of International Han Institute. For me, Chinese is not only my mother tongue but also a profound and beautiful language that worth studying and introducing to foreign friends. Language learning is never easy but there’s always a shortcut to your goal. As the global distributor of Chinese Tutor Land in Spain, I will be the bridge between you and Chinese Tutor Land to provide the most updated and helpful information about Chinese learning. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to know anything about the website!
    • Barcelona
  • Korea

    • Kai-qian, Hu(Cassie)
    • Hi guys, I am Cassie from Taiwan, moving to Seoul for studying since this year. I desperately believe language is the best tool to connect every single person worldwide, and I love sharing, shooting the video, and talking to someone who has an interest in learning Mandarin. Let’s connected!
    • Seoul
  • Vietnam

    • qin-gxin, Fan(Tam)
    • Hi, this is Tam, I had lived in Taiwan for 6 years before I moved to Hai Phong, Vietnam. I’m fluent in both Chinese and Vietnamese. Nowadays, more and more Vietnamese are learning Chinese for better opportunity in the future since foreign investment from Chinese Companies is getting stronger here. It’s my pleasure to do you a favor if you wanted to strengthen your Chinese!
    • Hai-Phong
  • Malaysia

    • jia-ying, Yu(Jolie)
    • Hello, my name is Jolie. I am Malaysian Chinese and currently live in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I am an International school Chinese language teacher and have been teaching since 2012. Most of my students are Europeans and Foreigners from all over the world. I graduated from Southern Cross University Australia with a Bachelor Degree and earned a Master Of Education (M.Ed). As a language educator and world culture lover, I hope to use our linguistic knowledge to provide an easy and fantastic way for learners to learn the Chinese language.
    • Johor Bahru
  • Malaysia

    • yi-ling, Wen
    • Hi my name is Yee Lin and I am from Malaysia. Besides being a global distributor, I am also a Chinese tutor in Young Men's Christian Association Kuala Lumpur. I am very passionate about teaching Chinese, as well as foster Chinese language learning. Being an energetic and dependable person, I can work in dynamic environment. Previously I was an IT project manager in a multinational company. I had good practice in dealing with various kind of people and situation. I always strive to be a good performer. As I believe putting best effort could bring us the best result. Moreover, I am able to effectively coordinate with the teams and others. In addition, I believe never stop learning is a key component in this modern world. Rest assured I will demonstrate my competence as a professional global distributor.
    • Kuala Lumpur
  • New Zealand

    • jia-rong , Lu
    • Ni-Hao, my name is Stella Lu and I am originally from Taiwan but have been living in New Zealand for 16 years. I have two teenager kids and my husband is from South America. Currently we live in Auckland city. I have got my TCSOL certificate in 2015. New Zealand is a beautiful country full of different culture diversity and I have been always wanting to get involved in promoting Chinese learning and teaching overseas. I am glad I have this opportunity to become the Global Distributor of the Chinese Tutor Land in New Zealand to promote Mandarin Chinese learning globally.
    • Auckland