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    教學不僅僅是在課堂上傳授知識,更是透過身體力行、感官互動,讓身體的參與成為記憶語言的關鍵,讓學習語言成為一場充滿有趣的冒險! Teaching isn't just in the classroom;It's all about trying things out, using your senses, and getting involved in learning to make remembering a language easier. For me, learning a language is like an exciting adventure!
嗨,大家好!我是ljebaw 杜莉,在我擔任華語教師之前,我主要鑽研於臺灣原住民族語言及文化,我本身是臺灣原住民族的一份子,屬於16個族群之一的排灣族,我也能夠使用的排灣族語與大家溝通。
Hi everyone! I'm ljebaw Before teaching Mandarin, my passion was delving deep into Taiwan's languages and cultures. I'm a member of Taiwan's indigenous community and I'm also can communicate in Paiwan language.
This background infuses my language teaching with vibrant elements. I don't just teach Mandarin; I excel at weaving together the rich tapestry of Taiwan's culture and history. If you're seeking more than just language learning and wish to immerse yourself in the diverse flavors of Taiwan through language, my class is exactly what you need.
Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL)
Educational Background
(1)National Tsing Hua University
Master's Program in Institute of Taiwan Languages and Language Teaching
(2) National Dong Hwa University
Bachelor's Program in Department of Indigenous Languages and Communication
Teaching Experience
Although I am a novice in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, I possess a rich language background and unique cultural experiences.
I pursued my undergraduate studies in Ethnic Languages and Communication Studies and obtained a master's degree from the Institute of Taiwan Language Teaching and Research, providing me with a comprehensive academic background that deepens my understanding of language. Throughout my academic journey, I enjoyed infusing cultural elements into language learning, shaping my teaching style into something unique.
Beyond language instruction, I have a passion for travel, sparking my curiosity about different cultures. Through my teaching, I aspire to inspire students' love for language and culture while providing a diverse and enriching learning experience. I believe that my enthusiasm and unique background will offer students new learning opportunities and insights.


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