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    🌷 Mandarin Trainer | 🌿Certified Tutor | ✨Native Speaker | 🪄Mandarin Conversation & Pronunciation|🥢Situation Based Expressions
🌵[Who is Oakie?]
Hello, I am Oakie from Taiwan. I’m a Mandarin native speaker. I majored in tourism and had worked at a shipping company. Through my education and work experiences in a foreign language, I've witnessed the struggles many face with language learning, including fear and the methods of studying .
I aim to share authentic and personalized Mandarin education that reflects real-life usage and cultural nuances with students embarking on their journey to learn Mandarin. This approach is based on my diverse practical experiences and fluent Mandarin communication skills.

🍄[Why Choose Oakie?]
For those who recognize the importance of learning Mandarin yet find communication challenging, I've designed classes that are both engaging and enjoyable. They cover expressions ranging from the simple to the complex, essential for everyday communication and professional contexts. With specific and diverse content, we delve into practical and useful Mandarin.

This is for someone who:
· Feels overwhelmed at the thought of starting Mandarin.
· Cannot study abroad but desires to speak Mandarin naturally.
· Seeks to develop a second language as a specialty.
· Is eager to learn about culture through Mandarin.
🌟 TCSOL Certificate - Teaching of Chinese to Speakers of other languages 漢語師資資格認證
Educational Background
📜 Graduated from the Department of Tourism, Providence University
Teaching Experience
🐚[Oakie’s Course Features]
- Customized planning classes to reflect student opinions.
- Systematic and planned class progression.
- Initiatives for students to take charge of their learning.
- The option to study both Traditional and Simplified Chinese,
to accommodate diverse learning preferences and requirements.
- Practical daily life communication skills for real-world interactions,
as used by native speakers.
- Useful Mandarin Classes for Travel.
- Mastery of using Mandarin pinyin or zhuyin effectively.

✍🏻 I believe the right learning process is crucial, transcending the speed and quantity of learning. Having navigated many trials, errors, and difficulties in learning languages of other countries, I am keen to provide a customized educational experience, emphasizing a personalized and immersive learning journey.

🔖[Classroom Rules]
1. Punctuality is crucial for all sessions.
2. If you have any special circumstances, please discuss them with the teacher in advance.
3. Mutual respect between teacher and student is paramount.
4. Commitment to completing your homework is essential.
5. Please note that only officially licensed commercial textbooks may be used during our sessions, to ensure high-quality and legally compliant learning materials.


2024-07-21 - 2024-07-27
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