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    Iris Wang

    U.S.A. / New York

    Language skills

    👋WELCOME ALL LEVEL CHINESE LEARNERS👋Fun ways to learn:📸images🎬videos 🎼songs 📰news🎮games 📚Customized syllabus 🔑Daily expression in life 🧋Street food in Taiwan 🧧Chinese culture 🗣Native Speaker

🤝A friend who makes progress with you

💁‍♀️A cheerleader who is passionate about teaching

👩🏫A tutor who can lead you to learn Chinese by using interesting methods


Hi, my dearest students and parents. I am Iris. I like to travel, discover the local characteristics and tell the differences. For thinking from students' perspectives and understanding the pain points of learning, I am also a persistent language learner. I sincerely can’t wait to share my language and culture with you. I am always open to answer any questions, so feel free to ask me whatever you want. Let’s have a first trial class with me and I hope to see you soon. Thank you for your time.

  1. TCSOL-Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other languages
Education Level
  • Taipei Municipal University of Education (Social and Public Affairs)

    Sprott Shaw College (Hospitality Management)



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