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    Ashelly Wang(王蕙雯)




    Language skills

    Not only learn more but learn well. 1. Respect all students’ personal differences and find out their personalities, characteristics and hobbies to assist them to learn not only more but learn well. 2. Interacting with students and offering lots of practice in my class.
I’m an elementary school English teacher and I’ve been teaching and tutoring students, aged from 7 to 15, in English, Chinese, and elementary subjects such as Math, Nature, and Social studies for more than 3 years. Besides lots of teaching experiences, I also learn more about how to communicate well with students, which helps me to find out all students’ personalities, learning motivations, personal characteristics, and hobbies. Based on those I mentioned above, I could use suitable and better ways to assist my students to learn. Interacting with students is the most important part in my class where I like to offer lots of opportunities for students to practice. For me, teaching is to help my students not only learn more but also learn well.

 Qualified Elementary School Teacher Certification
 TCSOL-Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other languages
 TQUK-Diploma in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of other languages
 CTCO- Certificate in Teaching Chinese Online
 TCYL- Teaching Chinese to Young Learners

Educational Background
 Shih Hsin University, Taiwan R.O.C.
 B.A in English and Elementary Education
 Completed: June 2003
Teaching Experience
 2003/07-2004/06
Interning in Elementary School
 2004/07-2006/08
Chinese and English Tutoring
 2006/08-2010/05
English Teaching in Studio Classroom English Magazine
 2021/07-Now
Chinese and English Tutoring
 2021/07-Now
Chinese and English Teaching in Min-chan Elementary School, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan R.O.C.



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