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    Language skills

    Only those who don’t want to learn, there is nothing they can’t learn. Only by facing mistakes than we will stand up again after falling.
🌸Has been engaged in education for more than ten years.
🌸Teaching adult and children Chinese conversation, especially for children.
🌸 Let students find a sense of accomplishment in learning.
🌸Help students build self-confidence and improve learning effect.
🌸In addition to inspiring students' thirst for knowledge, it also focuses on students' psychological development.
🌸漢華國際中文學院 / 漢語師資培訓班結訓證書 / 少兒漢語師資培訓班結訓證書
🌸英國TQUK / 國際少兒漢語教師資格證書
🌸美國全球漢語教學總會 / TCSOL國際漢語教師資格證書
Educational Background
Private Takming University of Finance and Technology
Early Childhood Education Diploma of Sprott Shaw College
Master's Degree in Marketing Management
Teaching Experience
🌿Lecturer of the "112 Year Chinese Conversation Class for New Residents" held by the Linkou Household Registration Office in New Taipei City.
🌿LanTing Academy / Founder
🌿Jordan's Language School / Senior Teacher
🌿Nanyi Publishing House / Online Chinese teacher
🌿Thames Chinese Club / Online Chinese teacher
🌿YouJia Arts and Science Short-Term Cram School / Senior Teacher / Lecturer of Mathematics Class


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