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    Yaya Mandarin Chinese TCSOL Native Speaker Teacher with 10 years Mandarin teaching experience and a business background
Hello, I'm Min Hsuan . A native Mandarin Chinese speaker from Taipei, Taiwan. Currently live in US.
I have 15 years formal teaching experience, I taught math, science, sports, English and Mandarin for all ages. I was also a substitute teacher for public schools in Taiwan.

I use a lot of self-create material ,educational fun tools , songs and story books to help students to learn . I'm not only believe in encouragement and discipline but also believe in building self-confidence and studying skill are important. I'm able to teach simple character and Pinyin as well.
My daughter is fluent in English and Mandarin speaking and listening and I have been teaching her read and write since she was 3 years old. She is able to recognize and write all Zhuyin and spell the vocabulary by herself in 9 months. Recently, she started to learn Chinese characters.

In addition ,I have years of teaching Mandarin with one on one and group classes for all ages. Now, most of my courses are online , my course rank several level such as toddler Mandarin ,Mandarin Beginner ,Mandarin practical conversation, Mandarin advance and Business Mandarin. From 15 years teaching experience I'm able to analyze students' strength and weakness and personalize the curriculum with self-create materials.
There will be specific curriculum for every session, homework and test can be provided as well.
As someone who has learned foreign languages, I understand the challenges and the concerns that a learner experiences. To this point, it is my mission to encourage the student's confidence and to not scare them away from achieving the gift of communicating in a foreign language.
Plot your learning journey with me, please feel free to contact , thank you.
TCSOL (Teaching Chinese To Speakers Of Other Languages)
Educational Background
💡Bachelor's degree in Business management from the National Taipei University .
💡Native Speaker with 10+ years of teaching experience, and have TCSOL certification for teaching Chinese in the UK and the US.
💡Passionate educator, traveler and athlete, have taught more then 100 students math, science, sports, English and Mandarin.
💡Native Chinese speaker Experienced in conversational Chinese and job-related Chinese.
💡Former Teaching Supervisor and one-on-one tutor
💡Mandarin Zhùyīn and pīnyīn characters course personalize curriculum
Teaching Experience
🌟Chinese teaching expert with 15 years of experience
🌟Native Chinese speaker Experienced in conversational Chinese and job-related Chinese
🌟Former Teaching Supervisor and one-on-one tutor
🌟 Teaching Chinese To Speakers Of Other Languages Certification
🌟Toddler Beginner Mandarin Zhùyīn and pīnyīn characters
🌟 Practical Mandarin Conversation


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