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    沈溱希 (Rose Shen)




    Language skills

    The origin of all human cultures can be traced back to language, whether it's engaging in conversations with others, expressing one's inner emotions through writing, or eventually coalescing into a shared cultural identity for an entire nation. Examples include drama, customs, and the essence of the people. Therefore, I believe that if one can contribute their efforts to help those from other countries who are interested in our language and culture but face barriers due to a lack of understanding of Chinese, they can learn Chinese with my assistance. This enables these individuals to joyfully and effortlessly immerse themselves in a learning environment, ultimately gaining the ability to independently explore the world of Chinese culture. This is what brings me the greatest joy. 好奇會引發興趣, 興趣會跟進學習, 學習必須快樂, 快樂的學習才能享受過程的樂趣並滿足充滿渴望的好奇.
Hello, everyone, I’m Rose, let me introduce myself to you.
First, I want to talk about my experience, I’ve been working in the import and export trade industry for over 20 years.
Second, I want to talk about my favorites, I like watching dramas, just like Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas and so on… and I also like reading the novels, sometimes I enjoy writing film reviews and fictions. So, I’ve even had been opportunities to write the scripts for production companies.
Finally, I want to talk about why I want to teach Chinese, because I love any kinds of stories, I think all of stories are connected with words.
If I can teach someone who interesting in Chinese words or Chinese stories to understand what’s the mean of them. Then, I think I can help them to understand the Chinese culture independently by themselves.
If you are such a person, let’s go learn Chinese and enjoy it.
TCSOL 漢語師資資格認證 (Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other languages)
TCBP 商務漢語師資資格認證 (Teaching Chinese for Business Purposes)
CTCO 線上教師資格國際認證 (Certificate in Teaching Chinese Online)
Educational Background
National Taichung University of Science and Technology


2024-04-14 - 2024-04-20
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