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Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my profile! After a 15+ years of corporate life, I have decided to pursuit love of my life - being a Chinese culture ambassador in many ways, including teaching Chinese, to indulge myself in a fun and constantly learning lifestyle.

As an experienced business professional and true global citizen, I bring a unique perspective of learning Chinese.

If you love Chinese culture or need Chinese as a second language for work or for fun, let’s talk through your needs and how I can help you advance your Chinese skills.

Come and enjoy learning with me!

======Business Mandarin Contents=======
Business Mandarin Contents:
Basic 1 Contents
Lesson 1 多少钱? How much is it?
Lesson 2 几点上班? What time do you start to work?
Lesson 3 这是我的名片 This is my business card.
Lesson 4 我父亲是银行职员 My father works in a bank.
Lesson 5 来一个麻婆豆腐 Mapo tofu, please.
Lesson 6 我打车去公司 I took a taxi to go to work.
Lesson 7 天气越来越热了 It becomes hotter and hotter.
Lesson 8 他穿着一套西服 He's in a Western suit.
Lesson 9 老板是一个工作狂 The boss is a workaholic.
Lesson 10 我是2000年开始工作的 I started to work in 2000.
Lesson 11 女职员是男职员的两倍 The number of female workers is two times more than that of male ones.
Lesson 12 今天的带薪年假你休了吗? Do you have your paid annual vacation this year?

Basic 2 Contents
Lesson 1 文件在哪儿? Where is the file?
Lesson 2 这是什么材料的? What is this made of?
Lesson 3 塑料的不如木头的舒服 The plastic one is less comfortable than the wooden one.
Lesson 4 后来呢? And then?
Lesson 5 我想请假 I would like to take a leave.
Lesson 6: 实在抱歉 - I'm really sorry.
Lesson 7: 您看这对珍珠耳环怎么样? - How do you like this pair of pearl earrings?
Lesson 8: 谢谢你的邀请 - Thank you for the invitation.
Lesson 9: 开业大吉 - Best wishes for the grand opening.
Lesson 10: 无聊透了 - I'm bored to death.
Lesson 11: 过奖了 - You're too kind.
Lesson 12: 多亏了你们的帮助 - Thanks to your help.

Zhongji 1 Contents
Lesson 1 幸会幸会 Nice to Meet You.
Lesson 2 我想预计一个房间 I'd like to reserve a room.
Lesson 3 请他给我回电话 Please ask him to call me back.
Lesson 4 我想约个时间和您见面 I'd like to schedule a meeting with you.
Lesson 5 为了大家的健康干杯 Cheers to everyone's health.
Lesson 6 还有其他的颜色吗? Are there any other colors available?
Lesson 7 请问到大友大厦怎么走 How do I get to Dayu Building?
Lesson 8 我想租一套房子 I want to rent a house.
Lesson 9 我想订一张机票 I'd like to book a plane ticket.

Zhongji 2 Contents
Lesson 1 参观工厂 Factory Visit
Lesson 2 我们开始开会 We are starting the meeting.
Lesson 3 我对你们的新产品感兴趣 I'm interested in your new products.
Lesson 4 贵公司的报价是多少? What is your company's quotation?
Lesson 5 什么时候能交货? When can you deliver the goods?
Lesson 6 你们采用什么付款方式? What payment method do you use?
Lesson 7 我们想做贵公司的独家代理 We want to be the exclusive agent for your company.
Lesson 8 我们什么时候签合同? When do we sign the contract?
Lesson 9 我们向贵公司索赔 5万美元. We are claiming $50,000 from your company.

Gaoji 1
Lesson 1 企业注册及企业介绍 Company Registration and Introduction
Lesson 2银行利率, 投资及贷款 Interest Rates, Investment, and Loans
Lesson 3企业招商及加盟 Business Investment and Franchising
Lesson 4招聘及应聘 Recruitment and Job Applications
Lesson 5福利及待遇 Benefits and Compensation
Lesson 6团队及培训 Team and Training
Lesson 7述职与晋升 Reporting and Promotion
Lesson 8产品与品牌 Products and Branding

Gaoji 2
Lesson 1 薄利多销 生财有道----市场营销 Marketing
Lesson 2 精打细算 开源节流----公司财务 Company Finances
Lesson 3 酒香不怕巷子深---- 广告宣传 Advertising and Promotion
Lesson 4 知己知彼 百战不殆---- 会展 Trade Shows
Lesson 5 买卖不成仁义在---- 贸易谈判 Trade Negotiations
Lesson 6 互惠互利---- 签约 Contract Signing
Lesson 7 诚信为本 和气生财---- 客户服务 Customer Service
Lesson 8 不要把鸡蛋放在一个篮子里---- 投资理财 Investment and Financial Management
* 漢華國際中文學院- 結業證
* TQUK Diploma in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language. (Level3)
Educational Background
Bachelor of Accounting
Mater of Business Administration
Teaching Experience
- 15+ years corporate leading experience across Europe, Greater China and ANZ who truly understands cultural nuance and integration by difference languages.
- a Native Chinese speaker with a genuine interests and passion on Chinese language teaching and sharing over years.


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