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  • A: 1. Please click on Member Registration in the top right-hand corner of the home page to fill in your membership details and tick the box “I have read and accepted the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.”
    Submit your data, return to your email address and "Click here to enable your account" to validate your email address. Upon completion of verification, congratulations, your registration is complete!


  • A: 1. To find out your Mandarin proficiency level, go to the membership section, click on My Level, enter the page and press Take the Test Now to take the test. Please complete it within 30 minutes. There are 8 multiple choice questions and 12 listening questions, making a total of 20 items in the test. If you are not sure of your answer, please do not press the choices randomly as this may affect the result of the test. If you need to change your answer, please click Previous to go back to the page where you want to change your answer, if you click Submit at the end, you will not be able to change your answer
    If you are a beginner or feel that you do not need to know your Mandarin level for the time being, you can skip the test.

  • A: Please go to the Purchase List in the membership section and click on the red button below the Order Details, go to the next page and press the green button below Booking, then proceed to Booking on the course page and select the time you are available to attend the course, and press the green button Select in the box showing the time in the Class Timetable to confirm the class time. If you want to change your selection, please click Reselect to cancel the time, then go back to the Booking schedule and choose the time again.

    1. Please select the 1on1 course or Group Course that suits your needs first. 
    2. If you choose 1on1, please click on the number of hours and classes you want to attend; if you choose Group Course, please click on the Group Course to find the Mandarin lessons you are interested in
    3. Once you have confirmed your classes, please go to Shopping Cart to verify your purchases, press the Let's Start Your Class! button and proceed to the checkout page to checkout with Paypal or choose Remittance
    4. If you are using an international wire transfer, please notify us by email at after you have transferred funds and we will check your payment and get back to you about whether the transfer is successful before activating your course.
      *Remittance Information:
      Bank Name: Entie Commercial Bank (Ho Pin Branch)
      Bank Address: 41F, No. 7, Sec.5, Xinyi Road., Taipei, Taiwan
      Beneficiary Account: International Han Institute
      Account Number: 030-50-6020895-00
      Swift Code: Entitwtp
      (Remittance: Please add US$30 for overseas banking fees, class selection notification will be sent out after remittance completed)
    5. If you have a coupon code, please enter your coupon code and complete the online payment.
    6. Once you have completed your checkout, please go to the page of your course teacher and select your class time from the Class Timetable.
  • A: The teacher will contact you to give you a link to the online classroom and Chinese Tutor Land will also remind the teacher to give you such a link.

  • A: Prepare your computer or tablet, camera, headphones, microphone and Internet connection.

  • A: Test if the bandwidth is greater than 10 Mbps, if not, your Internet connection may be too slow, test the connection status at

  • A: 1. Close any other web pages or software that is taking up bandwidth.

         2. Turn off the video camera.

         3. If you are using a tablet or mobile phone, please use your computer instead.

         4. Use a more stable browser, such as Google Chrome.

         5. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, please switch to a fixed-line connection as
             Wi-Fi connections can sometimes be unstable.
  • A: 2 days in advance.

  • A: If the teacher is late or does not show up for class, you can discuss with the teacher to postpone the lesson.


  • A: You can convert the fees for remaining classes into a gift voucher for your next purchase.


  • A: Please leave a message on the Messenger or leave your question on Contacts Us. You can also leave a message to your teacher on Messenger in the membership section.

  • A: It lasts for one year. You must complete the course within one year of purchasing it.

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